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When Jenna was at school, she represented Cornwall in cross-country running and never needed to watch what she was eating, but after she dropped sport, the weight began to pile on. By the summer of 2018, Tara had reached her lowest ever weight, but “felt that was too low” and worked on maintaining a healthy weight.

As part of Slimming World’s programme, members are encouraged to get active with their Body Magic activity scheme. “They may choose to walk or swim, dance or cycle, or join an exercise class. It’s about finding things you’ll want to do again and again.” There is – it features recipe inspiration and success stories.

Lauren joined Slimming World and lost almost a stone in her first month and she was still able to eat some of her favourite foods and never felt hungry. Her CFS “is currently in remission” thanks to her new healthy weight and life-style. Cath said before she began her weight loss journey, she used to eat a large breakfast and would “secretly eat” lunch and hide wrappers, then eat a large evening meal. Cath struggled to lose the weight in the set time-frame and get her BMI, which was previously 47, down to 30.

Health claims in marketing communications for food products that refer to a rate or amount of weight loss are not permitted. Before they make claims for a weight-reduction aid or regimen, marketers must show that weight-reduction is achieved by loss of body fat.

It’s a chance to benefit from the experiences of your fellow members — to inspire and be inspired, to change deep-rooted habits, share healthy swaps and make plans for the week ahead. Based on our unique group support, if you’re an online member you’ll enjoy a wealth of tools to raise awareness of where things could go wrong and develop strategies for lifelong success. And in our online Community you’ll share your experiences and get support from fellow slimmers.

She started to research healthy recipe and used Slimming World books for ideas so she could plan meals that also worked for her young family. Nicola Thomas-Botwood moved to Wales to be with her father to care for him during the peak of the pandemic, which added extra difficulties to her weight loss. “I thought I could never lose this much weight and get my life back. I’ve been able to make my portions smaller and not struggle with hunger all day.” Now, on a typical day, Sabrina will eat porridge, omelette with salad and chicken with brown rice and veg and sticks to a Slimming World plan. On a typical day before joining Slimming World, whilst revising, Katie would eat beans on toast with white bread and full fat cheese for breakfast, followed by a cookie or brownie and an apple and orange.

They can be a protein-rich substitute for bread, and can be used in a variety of foods. Carbs are the macro nutrients, which your body needs to maintain sugar regulation. Approximately 45 per cent of your daily recommended calories, should come from good carbohydrates.

Noom® is an online app-based programme, whereas you can choose between online and face-to-face plans with Slimming World®. Everyone is different, and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a weight loss programme. It ultimately depends on what suits your individual needs and what fits into your lifestyle. When it comes to losing weight, some people want rigid rules and a quick fix, whereas others like more flexibility and a long-term lifestyle change. Slimming World encourages members to introduce physical activity into their everyday routines.

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